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Hosting Solutions
Hosting Solutions

        Inter Technic’s Hosted solutions are the premium, yet affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for a highly flexible approach to low capital business ­helping establish your model with minimal overhead. Inter Technic’s Hosted solutions are complete web­-based environments, delivering comprehensive control and management of your unique venture directly from your web browser. Inter Technic’s Hosted solutions are deployed on premium­ quality, dedicated bare­metal Inter Technic servers with substantial Bandwidth allocations for uninterrupted uptime for your stable business continuity.

        Inter Technic Hosted solutions are the quality backbone internet telephony solutions that will support the growth and prosperity of your growing business.

        Inter Technic Softswitch is offered in a capacity based structure, based on your Concurrent Calls (CC) or Calls Per Second (CPS) needs. The Inter Technic Hosted solutions are categorized into two tiers of service, the S ippy Hosted Partition solution and our Premium Hosted offering, the Inter Technic Enterprise Hosted solution, as determined by your specific infrastructure requirements.

Flexible Routing Tools

  • Unlimited Supplier (Vendor) Connections
  • Adaptive Routing based on ASR/ACD (Flexible Crankback management)
    • Least Cost Routing (LCR)
    • Percentage based routing
    • Forced/preference routing
    • Prefix length routing
  • ASR / ACD Quality monitoring
  • Profit / Loss Protection (Margin based Routing)
  • Jurisdictional Routing
    • Inter/Intra State
  • On-Net Routing and Rating
  • LRN / Number Portability Lookup
  • T.38 Fax Support
  • DNCL Supported – Black List, Block List, Do-not call list.
  • Test Dialplan tool – Call routing simulator / debugger
    • Internal Routing and Rating config test tool
  • Codec Agnostic
  • Protocol support
    • SIP
    • GSM, G.711a, G.711u, G.722, G.723, G.728, G.729 Pass-through

Real-time Monitoring

  • ‘Real-time’ time series graphs
    • Call Processing time – Time to Vendor, SIP, LRN, AA.
    • Calls Per Second – Ingress cps, Egress cps, Authorized, Routed, Connected.
    • In Progress Calls / Concurrent Calls (Channels) – Total, Connected.
    • System Wide ASR / ACD – ACD, ASR all in, ASR all out, ASR authenticated.
    • Bandwidth In Use
    • Throughput
  • Active Calls Monitoring
  • Real time Credit/Balance reconciliation
  • Real time call rating and billing
  • Network packet capture abilities – ability to capture network traffic for off-line analysis in wireshark or other industry standard tools.

Sales and Analysis Reporting

  • Customer CDR’s
  • Vendor/Supplier CDR’s
  • Flexible Summary reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Payments Reports
  • Flexible ASR/ACD Reporting
  • Download/Email tools
  • Data export
    • Account Export
    • Tariffs / Rate Deck
    • Route / Code Deck
    • Customer CDRs
    • Supplier CDRs
  • PDF Invoice export

Billing Management tools

  • ‘Real-time’ billing
  • Flexible Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Billing Cycles
  • Configurable billing pattern for call rating (Example: 30:6, 1:1 for per-second billing)
  • Pre and Postpaid Service Plans
  • DID/CLD accessibility surcharge support
  • Configurable Service Plan fixed fees (Example: Monthly Plan fee)
  • Billing failure action management
  • Destination based Minute Plan support
  • Configurable rounding method (round up, or round) for Customer and Vendor CDRs
  • Basic Invoicing Generation
  • Payment processor integration for automatic client payments on low balance via Credit Card or Paypal.
  • Low Balance notifications and Automatic Payment features
  • Currency support
    • 162 default currencies
    • Manual or automatic exchange rate
  • Time zones can be configured on individual Vendor or Client basis

Customer, Supplier and Staff Web-portals

  • Customizable Web Interface – logo + name
  • Reseller Management
    • Commissions
    • Permission management
    • 9 tier reseller depth
  • Account and Customer access management tools
  • Voicemail
    • Voicemail to email – recorded message sent as an audio attachment
  • Personal CDR viewing
  • Personal Payments Processors
  • Call Shop web based User interface
    • Live call calculation table – Current and Previous calls
    • Receipt generation
    • Comprehensible management
  • Users/Staff accessibility
    • Reporting
    • Admin
    • Sales

Support and Security

  • Built-in high-performance firewall
  • Password security controls
    • 7+ digit/number/symbol length password prompting
    • Manageable password policies
  • SSH Blacklisting
  • Installation and provisioning support
  • Interactive training sessions for all new customers using screen sharing
  • Remote 24×7 monitoring
  • 24×7 Rapid response ticketing portal
  • Ticket escalation
  • Urgent direct line Support extension
  • Entitled to all maintenance releases and major version upgrades
  • In-house Development team for product refinement and extra development

DID Inventory Management

  • DID inventory search / filtering
  • Bulk upload tool
  • Flexible Inbound routing
    • Route to client PBXs by IP addresses – Trunking
    • Follow me ( Call Forwarding ) style services where inbound call can be routed back out to alternate destination
  • Buying/Selling charges support
  • DID Status and Assignment visibility

System Administration

  • Network Activity Recorder for analysis and debugging purposes
  • Re-rate CDR tool
  • Web based Ping/Traceroute analysis tool
  • Destination/Prefix management
  • Complete control Web Interface – All switch management features are available from your user interface.


  • Use Sippy as the foundation to your completely flexible VOIP business. Develop Custom solutions and integrations on top of Sippy.
  • Language agnostic – Developers can integrate using their language of choice, python, java, PHP, ruby etc.

Calling Card Module

  • Web based configuration
  • Comprehensive IVR’s
  • Supported languages
    • Arabic, Armenia, Chinese, English, French, German
    • Japanese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese
  • Recharge Vouchers
    • Voucher usage Reporting
    • Credit/Voucher expiration
    • Unlimited Bulk generation
  • PIN management (Account/Card management)
    • Flexible PIN/Account definition
    • Bulk generation
    • Personal portal
  • Pin or Pinless Dialing
  • Voicemail
  • Hotkeys
  • Trusted Number Authentication
  • Call Forwarding
  • API Accessibility
    • Account manipulation
    • Payments, credits, debits
  • Card Lifetime supported
  • Invoicing
  • API Accessibility
    • Prefix based Minute plans
    • Mystery minutes
    • Post call surcharges
  • DID management

Environments Module

  • White-label Reseller portal
  • Capacity Partitioning
  • IP and Port management
  • Expiration date supported
  • Flexible Performance and Capacity management
  • Web Interface accessibility management
  • Available for Dedicated, FLEX and Perpetual purchase licenses

Callshop Module

  • Global Callshop management
  • Unlimited Cabin/Account assignment
  • Active call monitoring
  • Real time Billing
  • Individual Cabin CDR’s
  • Review previous session statistics
  • Review previous session invoice

Complete NOC Services

Our NOC team is available 24/7, all year round, across continents and in different time zones.
Ensuring services are not interrupted and proactive monitoring to curb nuisance before it becomes an issue.


A – Z termination with the help of our worldwide partners.


Softswitch, dailer, tunneling @ best rates to start your VOIP Business.


One of the latest spin offs of business telecom technology is the Hosted PBX


The mobile virtual network operator business is booming again, with new MVNOs launching nearly every week.

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